Hey! it has been so long I'm sorry I was WAY TOO BUSY with college and stuff, but here I am ha! <3

Today, I wanna talk about something that some people would find it overrated topic but it's actually something we should all talk about and that is women strength

Ok so, first of all, feminism or girls power DOES NOT equal Misandry
they are completely different words and meanings
YES, a girl can be feminist AND lesbian but that also doesn't equal Misandry
and also, a girl CAN be feminist and lesbian and it can equal Misandry
It's complected, but that's the truth

Now, i wanna chat with you all about how to be a strong woman or feminist, I will write two articles and explain them separately

For now, send me a message if you have an idea about these or something and I will write it on my new articles

Have a nice day