List 10 things that make you really happy

1. Hanging out with friends.

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Going cafes and just enjoy my friends Company is the best thing tha't I know

2. Nature

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I've always loved being in nature it just makes me so calm an relaxed

3. Finishing something that you've worked for hours.

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many of my friends don't even know how much I love painting

4. Late summer nights

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sunsets in summer, do I even have to explain this one...

5. Trying new things

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I love new experiences

6. Traveling

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New places

7. The first sun rays of the Morning

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8. Art

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Just love going to the museums and exhibitions

8. Books

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The best thing about a book is when you fall into a plot

8. Coffee

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9. Christmas time Blessed time with close ones

10. Food

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xoxo Aada