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I Believe In Me
I Acknowledge My Own Self-Worth; My Confidence Is Soaring
I Am Not My Mistakes
I Accept Myself Unconditionally
I Am Proud Of Myself And All That I Have Accomplished

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I Am Successful
I Am A Beautiful Person
I Deserve Love, Compassion, And Empathy
I Am Enough
I Believe In The Person I Dream Of Becoming

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I Choose To Be Happy And Completely Love Myself Today
I Honor My Commitments To Myself
I Choose Faith Over Fear
There Is No Wrong Decision
I Am Now Creating My Live Exactly As I Want It

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Positivity Is A Choice. I Choose To Be Positive
I Am Free Of Worry And Am At Peace With Who I Am
I Matter. I Am Allowed To Say “No” To Others And “Yes” To Myself
What I Give Is What I Receive
I Choose To Not Take It Personally

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Change The Way You Think
Actually I Can
Something Wonderful Is About To Happen To Me
Things Are Always Working Out For Me
I Feel Joy Bursting From My Heart

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