My name: Josipa (it's biblical name)

Age: 18

My Hogwarts house:

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I feel like I'm mix of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor so I say I'm Gryffinclaw, but I think if I went to Hogwarts hat would put me in Ravenclaw so that's why I used it here.

Blood status:

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I kinda look like this. I have wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, always with a book, this kind of fashion style and I have freckles.


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I love reading books, writing, listening to music, wonder around Hogwarts. I'm also very kind and I belive that that is very important.

Favourite classes:

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Defense against the dark arts, History of Magic, Astronomy and Charms.


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13", yew, dragon heartstring core, surprisingly swishy flexibility


wolf image wolf, forest, and animal image

Favourite teacher:

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He's my favourite character since I started reading Harry Potter and so he is my favourite professor of course.

Favourite places:

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Library of course because my favouite thing to do is read books, Ravenclaw common room, Great hall and The Great.Lake


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I would love to have a husky as a pet, but I kept it traditional.

Favourite spells:

charm, gryffindor, and harry potter image harry potter, spell, and charm image harry potter, spell, and incendio image harry potter, charm, and spell image harry potter, emma watson, and slytherin image harry potter image
Ascendio, aquamenti, incendio, piertotum locomotour, legilimini and portus.

Best friends:

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I don't have girl best friend. Hermione and Ginny are my friends but not best.

Yule ball:

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Grey is my colour.

Love interest:

cedric diggory and harry potter image cedric diggory, harry potter, and robert pattinson image
Yes he's my best friend and my crush. What? Can't a girl be in love with her best friend.