Timothee and Monroe are with Magdalena and Cole. I know how to handle Timothee because I also play a role in the underworld. Matilda is gone now so I don't know who I can ask to help him if he gives into the dark energy, but I'll figure that out if it happens. Maybe Sydney can help.

Anyway, Monroe is a wolf and I know absolutely nothing about that besides when there's a full moon, they change into wolf form. Jasper and Faith are both wolves so I figured they'd know best. I'm meeting them at their house. Dixie is staying with her grandparents. Supposedly this is going to be intense. This is necessary for me to experience with them. I need to know how to help my daughter through this extreme transformation.

I walked into the woods and I was on my way. The sun already set it was starting to get dark. I rang the doorbell and Faith opened the door.

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Jasper + Faith's home

"Hi," I said. "Hey," she replied, moving aside so I could walk in. I could sense the dread off of Jasper. He had this young energy about him today. I guess that's because he's an immature wolf. Faith explained previously that she doesn't go through the transformation as intensely as Jasper because her mom helped her control it when she was younger. Now, at 23, the most that happens is the color of her eyes change and she'll be a bit more irritable around this time. "So...where does this take place?" I asked. "Deep in the woods there's a cave. I'm chained once I turn because I'll destroy anyone and anything in my path," Jasper explained. "Wow...okay," I replied. Faith looked out the window. "Alright. It's getting dark. Let's start moving," she said. Jasper picked up chains that looked like they weighed 50lbs or more. "Can't forget these," he said, trying to lighten the mood with his tone. "Do you even wear a shirt anymore?" I smirked. "You know I always find an excuse not to," he replied, walking out. Faith and I followed.

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So we started walking. "On the day of the full moon you'll notice a change in Monroe's behavior. She'll be angry, aggressive, irritable...for everyone it's different, but she won't be happy on this day. You want to get her to a place like this before it turns too dark. You won't have enough time to chain her up before the transformation occurs," Faith explained.

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Jasper was walking ahead. He was in a rush to get to the cave. "You can use our cave. Monroe won't change into a wolf until she's a teenager, I'd say," Faith said. I nodded. We made it into the cave just in time. "So you let the transformation take place, make sure they cannot leave, and then they'll change back by morning. A migraine, exhaustion, and shakes will accompany them the next day. It takes time to learn control. Hopefully Monroe can be like me and learn sooner rather than later," Faith explained. "And, of course, I will always be here to help," she added. "Thank you for all of this," I told her.

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Jasper looked up and his eyes changed a weird yellow color.

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Then the claws came out.

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And then the changing of the teeth.

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She wasn't joking. This was gory and intense. His normal teeth fell out, there was blood dripping out from where his new nails have grown, and his bones were cracking as they shaped into a wolf's anatomy. Jasper was screaming in agony. He fell to the floor as these changes took place. Faith chained him. She kept quiet as all of this was happening, but I could see on her face it was killing her inside.

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I stepped back and kept my distance. Next thing I knew he turned into a nasty wolf. A large one, too. He wanted to kill. He wanted to rip apart anything with that snarling mouth and those vicious teeth. A side I never thought I'd see to Jasper.

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This will be Monroe soon. It makes sense as to why she was crying all day today. I couldn't calm her down no matter what. This was a sight I'll never forget. I better start preparing for her days.