We found out Devon is a mermaid. She grew a tail in the tub and freaked out. I decided to take her to the beach. Cole is staying home with Suri and Emerson. I thought it'd be a good idea for her to figure this out on her own. I'd also like to give her my full attention as she navigates this other part of herself.

Of course, we started out by playing in the sand.

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She wrapped herself in the beach towel and looked at the water hesitantly. "Mommy.........I don't think I want to go in the water," she told me.

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"Why not?" I asked. A mermaid that's scared of the water? That's a new one. There weren't big waves or rough waters. It was rather calm today. She shrugged and took one step closer. "How about we just put our feet in the water? You can play with your fin on shore?" I suggested. Slow and steady. She reached out for my hand. I took the towel off her and we walked slowly to the shore. She let one foot get wet and the look of terror took over her face. "'s okay..nothing bad is going to happen to you," I reassured her. We took another two slow steps into the water and that's when her scales started to appear. She looked down and ran back to the sand. She wrapped herself in the towel again and started walking back to the house. "Wait!!!!" I called out after her.