• Name: Sarah
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I really love my name, especially because it means Princess
  • Age: 21. My birthday is February, 3rd
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  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
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I love my star sign because it's an air sign and air is my favorite element.
  • Eyes and hair: brown
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I sometimes dye my hair black because I love black hair more and I think it looks pretty on me
  • Pearcings or tattoos: None of them, I hate piercings but I do want tattoos
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I would like my star sign symbol tattooed on my ankle or arm and a half moon on my ring finger
  • What is your favorite show? Vikings
I am obsessed by this tv series mostly because I love the historical period but also because it's well made (costumes, acting, scenery) and it has many plot twists and a lot of great inspiring characters.
  • Favorite artist: I am an Art History and Cultural Heritage student, so I have a few favorite artists and here is my article about them:
  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
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I am a Ravenclaw
  • Favorite book: Wuthering Heights
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The Bronte sisters are my favorite writers.
  • Fears: Drowning and failure
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I generally don't like water/sea/lakes. Also, I am scared of failing in my future job/jobs.
  • Dream job: I don't have a specific one
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I will soon graduate in Cultural Heritage and I would like to work in a library or in a museum, maybe as an event planner or something like that. I wouldn't complain if I was a teacher and maybe work with languages (that I greatly studied in high school) or as a receptionist in a hotel, maybe.
  • Favorite color: Lime green

Everything I own is lime green. From pens, accessories, iPhone covers to my room's furniture. (If you're asking yourself, yes, also my wardrobe is lime green)

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  • Biggest insecurity: Scoliosis
It's been 6 years I'e been diagnosed with severe scoliosis and since then, it is my biggest insecurity ever. I used to hide my back even on the beach, I tried to avoid conversations about it and only a few people knew it. But now I grew up and I am more aware of it and it's not really a problem for me to talk about it, especially when people understand and do not say offensive things (yes, people can say ugly things and make you feel worse, I tell you this by experience...)

Things I like about myself: Hands and lips

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I have VERY LONG hands and I always have VERY LONG nails too. And I like it! Also, I love my lips because they're quite full and they look bomb with dark lipsticks.


Hope you liked it, even if I know nobody cares about who I am :P
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