Everyone has their own definition of love
I'll be sharing a few definitions I got from other people


My Own: My definition of love is caring about someone more than yourself and wanting them to have everything they want even if it hurts you


Response 1

Well, stay with the person, care for her, love her, support her, being always with her in the good and bad moments, make her happy -Response 1


Response 2

Love means knowing that no matter what, you have someone to count on. It's unconditional and makes you feel good on the inside. You can trust the person you love and are comfortable around them. It's like your heart tells you that it is good for you. -Best friend


Response 3

someone i want to spent the rest of my life with. -Response 3


Response 4

to me love means everything on this world...without love the world would not exist:) -Response 4


Response 5

you would do anything for them and would cry if you they were having a hard time -Response 5


Response 6

Me and you -Response 6


I hoped you liked this! It was fun getting other people definitions!

I love you all!

~~~ ♡ ~~~