Wicca is the modern name of witchcraft. Whose roots are based on Pagan belief. Witches are always Paganists, but not every Pagan is Witch.

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In short, Wicca is a nature-based belief and, as in many other beliefs of nature, Wicca has love, life, nature and spirituality. In the center of wicism, God and Goddess are found. Wicca is not an organized belief and there is no leader in the center.

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There are groups of up to thirteen people to fulfill the rituals together. They are Coven A Wicca may be a Coven or a Solitary. There is an unchanging rule in the center.
''As long as you don't hurt anyone, you do what you want.''

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From this rule, another rule, also called tripartite law, emerges.
''Everything you do will come back to you three times.''
Wiccans respect everything that is in nature. For example, stones, crystals, plants are also sacred to the Wiccans.

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