Hey, so i decided to make this so ya'll can get to know me better (even tho let's face it no ones gonna see this)
i'm a pansexual trans boi.
i'm not gonna say my age but i'll say that i'm younger than 100, so guess away<3
i don't like saying where i'm from so please stop messaging me asking...
obviously i like SCP Foundation, i also like Creepypasta, Horror Movies, Mythology, anything spoopy really.
i also LOVE Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Waterparks, Palaye Royale, Green Day, Etc
i love roleplaying so feel free to message me asking to roleplay<3
i'm also just really happy to talk so feel free<3
anyways uhm,.... i like drawing, and animating (even tho i suck at it) i also like painting, on canvas,wood, and plastic(reason children)
i like calling people Pete or Child, so expect that? idk...
anyways uhmmm whats something else about me....
oh uhhh i have depre$$ion (i like writing it like that!) and a lot of Anxiety :l
i like taxidermy! it fascinates me!
i also like pokemon, MLP, and LPS
but uh yeah... idk what else to say, i guess i'll name my favorites
Color/Colour: Black & Purple
Animal/s: Vulture, Llama, Cat
Song/s: This Is Home by Cavetown, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Food: Potatoes
Youtubers: Crankthatfrank, DanandPhilGames(and there separate channels), Nuke's Top 5, Mostamazingtop10, Laurenzside, Baptismonfire,Pillow Pilots
but yeah that's kinda it<3