Hi everyone today I'm here to tell you about something I've been through in the last month.
One month ago I listened to a doctor speaking about a diet that helps you to reset your system and loose weight in one week.

What is it about?
Let's find out

Basically you have to eliminate for one week complex carbohydrates: they includes pasta, rice, pizza, potatoes, bread, crackers, ...
When you eliminate all of these things you have to replace them with other aliments: you have to eat more protein (like fish & meet), vegetables (which are the most important), fruit and cheese.

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At the end of these week I felt really better because I was more flat and in fact I lost 2 kg (4,4 lbs).
the following weeks I reintegrated carbohydrates gradually and now I'm maintaining this weight.

One more super super super important thing: remember to drink a lot of water (also through tea)!!!!!!!

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Bye bye 👋🏻👋🏻