Hi everyone! I think you have seen on instagram thread posts. Some of them are telling stories or giving tips for your selfcare.

But today I inspired this article in an interactive thread I found on twitter.
Credits for my inspiration go to: @selflovebaddie


What color is his hair?

blonde, model, and beutifulboy image boy, ginger, and aesthetic image
Based on the last digit of your like:
1,2 ➩ Black
3,4 ➩ Blonde
5,6 ➩ Ginger
7,8 ➩ Brown
9,0 ➩ Blue

How is his hair?

Based on your battery's percentage last digit:
1,2,➩ Long hair
3,4,➩ Wavy
5,6 ➩ Short Hair
7,8 ➩ Straight
9,0 ➩ Curly
asian, boy, and ulzzang image brown hair, hot guy, and jaw image


How is his skin?

boy, ulzzang, and korean image mirror, boy, and eyes image
Based on your battery's percentage first digit:
1,2 ➩ Tanned
3,4 ➩ Pale
5,6 ➩ Black
7,8 ➩ Asian
9,0 ➩ Fair

What details does his face have?

Based on the first digit of your like:
1,2 ➩ Dimples
3,4 ➩ Freckles
5,6 ➩ Beard
7,8 ➩ A little tattoo
9,0 ➩ Moustache
beard, Man Crush, and vegas image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image


What color are his eyes?

boys and sexy image eyes, eye, and blue image
Based on the last digit of your age:
1,2 ➩ Dark
3,4 ➩ Hazel
5,6 ➩ Blue
7,8 ➩ Green
9,0 ➩ Grey
eyes, blue eyes, and boy image eyes, blue, and eye image


What is his name?

twitter, liam payne, and one direction image Temporarily removed
Based on the last digit of the year you were born:
1,2 ➩ Logan
3,4 ➩ Daniel
5,6 ➩ Zach
7,8 ➩ Noah
9,0 ➩ Liam
Image removed kpop, kang daniel, and lap image


How old is him?

couple, goals, and kiss image couple, love, and goals image
Based on the mont you were born:
Jan, Feb, Mar ➩ 1 year older than you
Apr, May, Jun ➩ 2 months older than you
July, Aug, Sep ➩ He has the same age as you
Oct, Nov, Dec ➩ 6 months older than you
Temporarily removed love image


How long will your relationship last?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Based on your zodiac sign:
Aries, Taurus ➩ 5 years
Gemini, Cancer ➩ 2 months
Leo, Virgo ➩ 2 years
Libra, Scorpio ➩ Marriage
Sagittarius, Capricorn ➩ 6 days
Aquarius, Pisces ➩ 30 days
beach, kiss, and lgbtq image autumn, beach, and fashion image

I'd like to know how your imaginary boyfriend is!
Thank you for reading this and make me know if you liked it.

Don't forget to treat people with kindness.