It's like I am sitting in the corner of a dark room. Only a little bit of light is coming through the window. I look around, everything's staring at me. It's so silent, I hear pure nothing. For me, nothing means pain, and silence means suffer.
You know, silence is louder when it's dark.
Feels like time's frozen and it'll be forever.

After I realize I need to escape, I'm trying to run to the window but something's holding me back- a rope around my neck.
Who's pulling back the rope is Anxiety itself.
I'm trying so hard. I'm trying so hard to get out but it keeps pulling me back to the corner.
I'm falling on my knees, tears are starting to pour out of my eyes. It walks to me and squats infront of me.
I look into it's eyes and I start to scream. It puts it's hands on my cheeks, it starts to cry too.
Somehow I'm calming down.
It removes the rope and let's me walk to the window.
As I open it, I see bars on it. I look back at Anxiety and it's tears disappeared, now it has the meanest smile on it's face.
It's like it wants me dead. I feel like I'm dying all the time and nothing can help me.

In three words: it is hell.