Note: Try to carry through each point before you will decide to fail.

1 | Differ work/school from relaxation. Never do both at the same time. Trust me. Never... NEVER! Because when you start doing some relaxation thing while studying, you are mostly like to slip into it more than expected and forget about your responsibilities and so you do nothing of your to dos.

Also, when you do one thing, let's say relaxation - taking bubble bath, you enjoy it to the fullest when you don't have to think about what you haven't done yet. So this is why it is so important to differ these two things.

When you have work time you don't think about relaxation and when you have relaxation time you don't think about work. It is very important to devote yourself to one activity at the moment, to make all of your tasks done, to relish those moments when you don't have to work! So, quit multitasking. You better learn how to lead your mind into one direction so nothing can disturb you.

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2 | Define work. Define relaxation. This is very important. You must know what things are allowed during your relaxation time or work time. Point out these things you are allowed to do during the work and point out the things you are allowed to do during the relaxation time.

For me it's:
work - studying, cleaning, preparing for school, being kind (on family members when they dare to disturb me)

relaxation - playing, watching (serie, tv), we heart it, spending time with family, creating

3 | Track your activity. When you are writing down all your activity during the day, you tend to try to be better; you tend to make that list of activities in front of you look better. So use the notes in your phone where it is still with you, wherever you go, whenever you need it and whenever you have to write down something you are (or were) doing.

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4 | Reconsider your priorities. I'm conscious of that you can refer to the fact you have so much things to do that you would have no time for relaxation if you're gonna do all these things. And it's totally fine. It's true. We have so many things to do we can barely make them all done. Here comes this time - when you must reconsider your priorities. You can adjust the business you do now to something more useful for you, based on where you see yourself in your future. In what activity do you have to "dive" yourself, how much time do you have to devote to the particular activities to feel this feel of satisfaction.

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5 | Know what days you have off. This means what days you have more time than in others and what days you don't have time. You can now adjust your schedule to it. You can better manage your time, activities you can at the given day do. For example, when you have 3 free hours till 8 p.m. at Wednesday (when you came home after school, for example), you have to change your priorities to make done those things what needs to be done upon any terms. Do the homework, essay (you would have to make done till tomorow's morning), eat, bath, get through topics that will be on test and so on.

6 | Know your motivation. You won't do things you don't see any benefits/sense in. Also, you will barely do things you see sense and benefits in when you have poor or none discipline. First of all, you must be determined you will do the things you planned. Premeditate and write them down. This will help. You must know what exactly you need to do before starting doing something. Plan your planning, ask yourself what you will focus on and in what time you will start to plan (in next 3 minutes <= the sooner the better).

You must move your funny activities you wanted to do before/instead of your task after it - do it in relaxation time. Don't be soft with you. You want to achieve something, am I right?

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Imagine where leads your way you walk on now - your daily habits. What you do every day beside of your duties - what you should do to get your dream job, flat, house, salary, reputation.

Surround yourself with people you consider successful in the field you want focus on. Watch videos about them, read their articles, watch their steps and learn.

7 | Make a clear list of things you have to do. (The realistic one - things you can complete in the given day) Every task which takes 2 or under 2 minutes to complete mark/underline. Start with these tasks and after making them done, sort the remaining tasks by priority - what you need to do first.

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8 | Every exam plan to the details. Check how much time you have till the day of exam and plan a fine study schedule for you to learn important things and achieve the grade you want.

9 | Keep a fund in each day full of tasks. Unexpected things could pop up in each day you planned your schedule. So keep some time reserve - for yourself, relax and for unexpected occasions. Than you can manage your time and actions wiser.

10 | Give yourself a break. When you really can't start and don't feel like studying, give yourself this 2 minutes long break. You can do a thing from your relaxation list during these two minutes but after time's up, you must return to your business.

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11 | Constantly, give yourself some homeworks. Based on what you have to do, to remember the curriculum you are learning well. Do some research about it and trace what interests you.