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Name - Estela

Age 16


She is Carla's cousin. Estela studies abroad and she returned home at a time when new students arrived at the school.

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She is kind, a little shy, romantic, dreamer


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Read books and play the piano


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She is friends with her cousin Carla, her new boyfriend Christian and the sweet boy Ander.


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She has a big crush on Guzman, but nobody know about it. He accepted her in his social circle and treated her as a friend.
But after the incident with Marina, Estela supported Guzman and they began to spend a lot of time together, so perhaps the feelings would no longer be one-sided.

Who killed Marina?

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She think that it was Lu, because, despite the fact that Lu and Guzman had once been a couple, and Marina was his sister, Lu hated Marina because Marina was doing stupid things, and Guzman was sorting this out later.