the amount of time we spend on this planet is never enough + were often so caught up in our own problems that we completely forget about the world around us...
that's why i wanted to share some simple reminders so you don't forget just how beautiful life can be

*・゚ hugging your loved one so tight neither one of you can breathe.

*・゚ seeing couples reunite at the airport.

*・゚ the crispness of the air on the nights where you can see all the stars.

*・゚ text messages from unexpected people.

*・゚ the kindness of strangers.

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*・゚ taking the long route home just to listen to your favourite playlist for a little longer.

*・゚ discovering a song you like.

*・゚ black and white photos of your parents.

*・゚ fresh sheets.

*・゚ autumn leaves the colour of merlot, and sunlight, and your favourite dark lipstick.

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*・゚ laughing so hard your sides hurt.

*・゚ lying in bed during a thunderstorm. listening to the rain crash down on the windows. feeling peace in the violent renewal.

*・゚ bonfires at the end of summer.

*・゚ sunsets.

*・゚ sunrises.

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*・゚ cities that are so beautiful and beyond anything you ever imagined.

*・゚ looking around at a concert and realizing that 80,000 strangers have felt the way you’ve felt.

*・゚ friendships that are bursts of positivity in your life.

*・゚ dancing until your feet ache.

*・゚ coffee on a Saturday morning.

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*・゚ cosying up in front of the fireplace with a blanket, fuzzy socks, and a mug of hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows, always).

*・゚ the joy of cracking open a new book.

*・゚ burning a new candle.

*・゚ watching the clouds of your first winter breath hang in the air.

*・゚ laundry that’s still warm from the dryer.

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*・゚ random acts of kindness.

*・゚ the smile someone gives you when you accidentally meet their gaze.

*・゚ the beauty of nature.

*・゚ animals. enough said.

*・゚ people who laugh. a lot. even when their heartaches.

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love always,
kat ♡

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