Lately, I've had times when I just stare at my screen and stop scrolling. My eyes feel dead after hours and my brain is fried. I have a longing to feel inspired and enlightened but nothing is activating my senses, I'm getting bored of social media. When I decide to stop I get bored. In my childhood, I didn't have a phone and I had so much fun but now I don't know what to do. This is just me reminiscing on the days I didn't look at a screen and the things I did. Maybe you can relate.


book, read, and reading image

I still read but not like when I was younger. I remember the feeling of flipping pages faster than I could process what was even going on. The excitement of discovering a new story with a new world to live in was a drug to me. I could not get enough and every week I would go to the library with my dad to check out more. I remember when I read the harry potter series in a week or when I developed a huge crush on percy jackson and imagined I was a demigod at camp half-blood. I miss that and wish I had the time now.

my backyard

feet, flowers, and nature image

I used to spend hours outside in my backyard. We would make forts out of anything we could find and played house on my old swingset. My favorite place was this little cove inside a group of berry bushes that grew next to our fence. I loved being outside in the fresh air, the feeling of grass underneath my feet and wind in my hair.

my room

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My mom sent us to our room during the summer for an hour where we were supposed to take a nap. I would sit on my bed and people watch outside of my window. My room was really warm and comforting. I laid on the floor and drew circles in the carpet or looked at the sun reflecting patterns on the walls.


Image by tenderlygirl

I remember filling up so many notebooks with sketches. I loved drawing and still do but haven't done it years. I collected all of them in one big binder. I used to draw my favorite book characters or created stories and drew the houses and lands they lived in. I miss that stimulation of creativity.

thank you reading