" I've always believed in fate
and that you don't meet people by accident
and two souls don't come together only if there was something meant for them to happen
and i still don't know why did our path crossed ..?
- did he show up to my life to teach me a lesson ..
or did he show up so i can teach him a lesson ?
one thing i know is that i can't get him out of my head ,, the potential savior he might have been was way ahead of my mind to explain or my soul to explore ,,
one thing i'm sure of is that time will pass and years will go by just like it did since i've met him and one day i will know the answer to all these questions , i will get the answer that will keep me from wondering ,
i still miss him sometimes , maybe it's because he had such an impact on me at that time , or maybe because he was that big of a deal , that GREAT of a person he was -that is worth missing!- ,, meaning i had something so wonderful that is worth missing and that is the perks of it all ."