Hi there!

I have always wanted to write an "article" about small towns that I love, but I had never had the proper space to do it.

So here it is my bucketlist....

  • Ronda, Spain
spain image
This beautiful town its located in the Malaga province.

It has this beautiful old bridge, that somehow makes me think of Rivendel, plus they have the best churros ever!

  • Tarifa, Spain
spain, street, and tarifa image andalucia, seville, and spain image Temporarily removed beautiful, ocean, and spain image
This b e a u t i f u l town its located in Andalucia,Spain.

Tarifa is part of what is called the white villages of Spain, this beach has a special place on my heart since I spend wonderful evenings in there, it has wonderful weather but is really windy.

But the beach ... God its beautiful and you can even see Morroco from there.

  • Chefchaoune, Morroco
Temporarily removed morocco, travel, and chefchaouen image blue, morocco, and travel image morocco and chefchaouen image

This place its located in Morroco, and its the most extraordinary place I have ever been. Its so diferent every single way. Different language, different way of writting, different religion. And they totally have the best mint tea I have ever tried.

I hope you like it !! This were only towns from South of Spain + Morocco, maybe later I will make another one with other pretty towns.

Thanks for reading.