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Hello everybody! This is my first post ever (inspired by all "if I went to Hogwarts" tag; also based on a character I've created for a fanfiction (in spanish, but maybe I'll try to translate it into english once it's finished)


Keilee Martín
Keilee Helga Gallagher

Birth date

7th of March 1980


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Keilee doesn't look like any of her parents, but her mother says that if she had ginger hair and blue eyes, she would be a copy of her dad. What she likes the most about herself is her freckled face and height (she's a bit taller than other witches of her age)


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daughter of two purebloods


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María Martín, spanish witch who comes from a large and dignified pureblood spanish family. She used to work in the Spanish Ministry of Magic until she moved to Wales with Keilee so she could attend to Hogwarts; and Grogan Gallagher, welsh pureblood wizard who apparently was associated to the Smith's family (the family tree disappeared a long time ago). He died when Keilee was a baby (her mother has never told her, but Keilee is pretty sure that Voldemort has something to do with his death - and maybe that's the reason why she can't tell anyone what her last name is).


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Keilee is a very friendly person, she loves to spend time with her friends (and she has quite a lot). She also likes to be alone, as she is very thoughtful (if you ever feel like her head's in the clouds, you might be wrong - she's probably having deep thoughts about something important). She's a warm person and likes to make feel everybody welcome in her presence - if she sees you in a bad mood, she'll try her best to make you feel better. She is extremely intelligent but she doesn't really like to be the spotlight, so only her closest friends know that she's as brilliant as Hermione Granger (or even more). She can see the good in everybody and maybe that's the reason why she won't stop trying to get to know the real Draco Malfoy (she's had a crush on him since she ever saw him in first year), she swears that when she looks him in the eyes she can see there's something fighting inside of him.

Hogwarts house

"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil."
—The Sorting Hat
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"it takes grace to remain kind in cruel situations" According to the hat, she have a little bit of all the houses and that directly puts her in Hufflepuff (she would be too ambitious to be a Gryffindor, too kind to be a Slytherin and too daring to be a Ravenclaw). Also, Keilee has a Hufflepuff heart... she always try to see good in people, no matter what.


silver lime wood, unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" in length, Slightly Yielding flexibility
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Patronus & animagus

Marsh Harrier (patronus)
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White wolverine (animagus)
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Keilee's mother taught her how to be an animagi and when she turned 9 years old, she finally became one - a wolverine. It was at the age of 14 when she started to look like a wolf instead of a wolverine (at that same age she also started to be a "woman" - she got her period for the first time)

Favorite spells

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Favorite classes

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