Inspired by @eloyuvoi
  • A-Z Song Challenge

(I decided to make It harder choosing two songs per letter but... One in English and one in French haha)

diamond, rihanna, and shine image Temporarily removed

Letter A

Afire Love - Ed Sheeran | Amour Parano - Lartiste

ed sheeran, 1991, and wallpaper image Image by Sultanaa 👸🏽 ﻋﻠﻴﺔ

Letter B

Bed - Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj | Bad Boy - Marwa Loud

ariana grande, nicki minaj, and bed image belle, loud, and sang image

Letter C

Closer - JP Cooper | Copines - Aya Nakamura

bae, boys, and fav image Image removed

Letter D

Dead Sea - The Lumineers | Dumbo - Vianney

Temporarily removed the lumineers and charlie boy image
This is my favourite song from The Lumineers : Charlie Boy

Letter E

Eastside - Benny Blancon, Halsey, Khalid | Etats d'amour - Amir

away, city, and different image couple, ulzzang, and aesthetic image

Letter F

Falling Autumn - Alayna | French Kiss - Black M

autumn and fall image love, couple, and kiss image

Letter G

Goodbye - Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta | Guerre des roses - Marie Plassard

fashion, nicki, and nicki minaj image Image by olga_obraztsova

Letter H

Holes - Passenger | Habitué - Dosseh

moon, pink, and night image hurt, sad, and quotes image

Letter I

Idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish | Intuition- Dadju

billie eilish, aesthetic, and billie image billie eilish, red, and sad image

Letter J

Just a little bit of your heart - Ariana Grande | Je te le donne - Sliman Ft. Vitaa

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Letter K

Killshot - Eminem | //

eminem image Image removed

Letter L

Low key in love - Batman | Lionne - Dadju

Image by Oceane Pereira aesthetic and girl image

Letter M

Moon lit district - LVNDVN | Maman - Louane

Image by J O L I E N Temporarily removed

Letter N

Nobody - Selena Gomez | Nous Aussi - Big Flo & Oli

Image removed Image removed

Letter O

Only You - Little Mix Ft. Cheat Codes | One Shot - Maitre Gims

little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image jade, leigh anne, and perrie image

Letter P

Psycho - Post Malone | Papa - Big Flo & Oli

Image by sweetarl 🧡 red, aesthetic, and car image

Letter Q

// | //

Temporarily removed grunge, lost, and soul image

Letter R

Ribs - Lorde | Reine - Dadju

️lorde and pretty image crown, diamond, and Queen image

Letter S

Sweet Creature - Harry Styles | Seconde Chance - Dadju

styles and harry image louis tomlinson, larry stylinson, and Harry Styles image

Letter T

Trigger - Anne-Marie | Tout va bien - Keblack

beauty, eyebrows, and eyes image Image removed

Letter U

U.N.I - Ed Sheeran | //

ed sheeran and singer image Image by MARJELY.

Letter V

Va bene - Algérino | //

aesthetic, background, and happy image girl, smile, and black and white image

Letter W

Wake up in the sky - Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black | //

music, singer, and bruno mars image boys and bruno mars image

Letter X

// | // (I'm not inspired lol)

Letter Y

You are the reason - Calum Scott | //

loser, lovers, and wallpaper image couple image

Letter Z

Zero - Imagine Dragons | //

couple, love, and kiss image

Love, _Stranger from heaven_