So basically, what this article is things i associate with different colors, some of them are totally generic while others are really weird and make no sense at all.


hair, girl, and purple image Temporarily removed bath, hand, and water image Image by Blippy
hair, halloween, bath bombs, clubs


aesthetic, coffee, and italy image amusement, autumn colors, and brown image caves, espana, and mallorca image beautiful, dessert, and eat image
italy,carousels, caves and oranges (duhh)


drugs image Image by Wangproduction book, gryffindor, and red image Abusive image
cocaine, destructive behavior, literature, mureder (oopss)


Image by c wallpaper, art, and van gogh image blue, clouds, and green image Greece, travel, and sunset image
churches, art, the sea and santorini


chanel, pink, and bag image perfume, beauty, and dior image nails and pink image tumblr image
chanel, perfume, nail polish, love


yellow, heart, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and sky image background image aesthetic, chains, and culture image
friendship, roses, bicycles, ice


Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed alien image
healthy food, nature, loneliness, aliens

That was basically it, if this article does well i might do another one with more colors but that's it for now. Thank you for reading and i hope you have a great day. <3