01. city 127


Temporarily removed drink, pink, and strawberry image girl, aesthetic, and hair image Image removed
time stops when you look at me

02. regular (korean ver.)

cat, black, and eyes image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, chill, and dark image
i can catch my dreams with my hands

03. replay (pm 01:27)

flowers, aesthetic, and nature image Image by Claire Temporarily removed Image by aa
i just want to be loved
すれ違う人々の間で 散らばる君のメロディー

04. knock on

aesthetic, city, and grunge image book, beach, and aesthetic image aesthetic, glass, and grunge image sky image
i think of you and smile

05. no longer


aesthetic and vintage image flowers, aesthetic, and red image mirror, fire, and white image aesthetic and theme image
"she no longer needs me"
今日泣く君の横で取り出した言葉はわずか “大丈夫 大丈夫 全て”

06. interlude: regular to irregular

princess, aesthetic, and blonde image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image glitter, eye, and pale image Image by Melody
all that we see or seen is but a dream within a dream

07. my van


Temporarily removed red, lips, and aesthetic image aesthetic, skirt, and grunge image cafe and strawberry image
i can never get used to this road

08. come back


delicious and food image alternative, cafe, and carefree image flowers, aesthetic, and green image girl and aesthetic image
a real blooming flower is no match
逃げ場所はどこにもない キミがいない世界は

09. fly away with me


aesthetic, goals, and makeup image Temporarily removed beach, water, and aesthetic image cherry, theme, and aesthetic image
fly away with me baby

10. regular (english ver.)

car, dark, and night image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed diamonds, black, and shine image
diamonds all on my neck, lookin' like a water show

11. run back 2 u

pink, aesthetic, and music image water, nature, and aesthetic image nails, red, and rings image chandelier image
i always love you
興味を失って いつも新しいものが必要だった

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