Hello beautiful people, I hope you're all doing well! In today's article, I want to show you some tips and tricks that Girlbosses utilise to become successful.

Becoming a Girlboss is what a lot of us strive to become - we want to be finacially independent, achieve every goal we set, and live a lavish lifestyle. But the question is: What exactly does it take to become a Girlboss? The successful women that we all admire make achieving their goals look so easy - but the reality is, there is a whole lot of work going behind the scenes. This mainly includes following habits that they use as tools to accomplish their goals.

Here are the habits that every Girlboss follows:

A Girlboss knows her purpose

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Its so important to know what your purpose in life is. A Girlboss remains focused and motivated on her goals because she knows WHY she's doing it.

Try writing down a personal mission statement for yourself that expresses what your deepest values and aspirations are. Print out your personal mission statement, frame it and hang it in your room or have it sitting on your desk - hang it anywhere in your room that will be visible to you so that you always have your vision right in front of you that constantly reminds you what your purpose is in life.

Note: I created a personal mission statement printable that you can download, print and use to write down your lifetime goals. You will find the link to the printable at the end of this article♡

A Girlboss plans her day in advance

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A Girlboss plans her day the night before because she knows that this is the key to accomplishing a productive day.

If you have no plan for the next day, your day will be all over the place. A plan makes your day flow better and ensures that you stay organised and focused throughout the day.

Note: I created a Day Planner printable that you can download and use to organise your day- you will find the link at the end of this article♡.

A Girlboss follows a morning routine

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Follow a productive Girlboss morrning routine ! get up early, read positive quotes or write affirmations in your journal to create a positive mindset to set the tone of your day ( remember to do this before you go through your social media), freshen up, and eat a nutritious breakfast.

A Girlboss doesn't dwell on her mistakes

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Making mistakes is normal - we all do, its part of life; But a Girlboss knows that its important not to let her mistakes define who she is. When she makes a mistake, she learns from it and moves on.

You'll never learn if you don't make mistakes - don't be too hard on yourself; sometimes mistakes are proof that you are trying.

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A Girlboss is persisent & patient

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Being persistent and patient is a life skill. This skill is beneficial in every area of your life.

A Girlboss knows that its vital to be patient because she understands that patience gives her time to slow down and perfect her craft; she understands that rushing her work will only deliver half-baked results.

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I know that patience is hard to practice (I know this first-hand!), but its an important lesson to learn. Don't come up with an idea and think that you're going to be successful overnight (unfortunately life isn't that easy and predictable). Just because something isn't happening immediatley doesn't necessarily mean that nothing is going to happen; trust the process - continue working hard and eventually, you will get what you want.

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Being persistent is another important life skill. Persistence will help you never give up on your dreams. Keep on moving! don't doubt yourself. Even if a plan doesn't work in your favour, don't lose hope -change your approach to achieving your goal, don't stop chasing after goals. Don't change your goal, change your plan.

Be stubborn about your goals, and flexible about your methods.

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A Girlboss is finacially savvy

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A Girlboss is smart with her money;she knows that its important to save and to spend money in areas that will benefit her the most.

Don't spend over your means just to show off to your followers or peers that you're "living big". And don't let FOMO trick you into buying stuff that you don't need. Its okay if you miss out on buying a new Anastasia Bevelry Hills eyeshadow palette because you need the money to buy textbooks - at the end of the day, investing in your education will help in the long run than buying makeup...well, unless if you're trying to be a beauty Guru then go ahead! (by the way, apologies if I'm sounding like a mum right now, I'm just trynna help lol).

A Girlboss only hangs out with people that uplift her

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The people you associate with you affects your life in such a big way! keep around people that support and love you. Cut off toxic relationships that make you feel worthless; disassociate people who get jealous about your accomplishments and hate to see you prosper.

The wrong people will hinder your growth and have you feeling demotivated and too mentally exhausted to achieve your goals;their toxic behaviour towards you will have you feeling sad and uninspired. Hang out with real friendships and family members who will always be by your side and bring out the best in you.

A Girlboss keeps track of her progress

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A lot of people make the mistake of not tracking their goals, they just set a goal and don't follow it up by reviewing what went wrong and what went right.

Give yourself some feedback, measure your progress and write it down in your journal. Keeping track of your progress will ensure that you don't make the same errors in the future when you're trying to achieve your goals.

A Girlboss accepts challenges

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Everyday won't be easy, challenges will pop up every now and then; this is why Its important for every Girlboss to know how to resolve them.

Overcoming hurdles and knowing how to handle them requires having a rational mindset that helps you solve your problems effectively. A rational mindset will help you create realistic solutions to handle any challenges.

A Girlboss celebrates wins: both big and small

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Don't forget to acknowledge your victories - even if its a small victory, still celebrate it. Recognising your milestones will encourage you to keep on working to achieve more goals.

Never forget about your accomplishments, remember them so that it builds your self-confidence and removes any doubt in your mind that makes you think that you are not capable of achieving great things.

A Girlboss pampers herself

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A Girlboss knows how much its important to take breaks. Don't overwork yourself - you aren't programmed to work seven days a week for 12 hours each day. Take some time off and pamper yourself.

I know that for girls that are workaholics, it can be hard to close their books and move away from their desks. But for the sake of your mental health, pampering yourself and taking a break is as important to working hard. Don't burn yourself, rest and then you will work with a more refreshed mind.

A Girlboss is kind to others

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Don't be bitchy and rude, you won't go far in life with that attitude. Being kind will open up many opportunities and connections with so many people.

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Before you go, don't forget to download the two printables I created to help you be a successful Girlboss. If you download them and use them please let me know! I would love to hear some feedback from you guys!

Download the A4 daily planner printable and Girlboss A4 mission statement printable pdf here:


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