Trick or treat everyone! 🎃

Yes, Halloween is finally here and we all know what that means; let the spookiness begin!

Whether your plans for today are going trick or treat, or dressing up for a party or a costume contest, I think we can all agree that Halloween would not be completed without all of the iconic songs that bring our Halloween spirit to live.

That's why today I gather up 5 iconic songs that cannot be missing from your spooky playlist and that you have to listen today yes or yes!

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1) This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas 🎃

I mean come on! If aren't like me and you haven't had this song on repeat for the past two months, you have to at least listen to this song today and sing your lungs to it. You get an extra bonus if you also watch the movie which you can bet I'll do.
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2) Thriller - Michael Jackson 🎃

Is it really Halloween if you don't listen to Thriller? I don't think so. This song, in my opinion, will forever be the most iconic Halloween song there is, you just can't help it, if it comes out at a party you have to dance your whole body to it.
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3) GhostBusters Soundrack

Who ya gonna call? A classic of all classic. To all of those who are dressing up as GhostBusters this year, this song is for you, make sure to keep it in your playlist so whenever you arrive somewhere everyone knows that the GhostBusters are here to save the day.
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4) Calling all the monsters - China Anne McClain 🎃

BEST ERA OF DISNEY AND THAT'S A FACT! This song is a huge throwback for many of us and with no doubt one of the most iconic Halloween song of our childhood and also one of the best dance moves I've ever seen.
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5) Stranger Things Intro Song 🎃

To all of those who are dressing up as a Stranger Things character, I think this song would be perfect for you get into character. I don't know about you, but every time I hear this song it just makes me feel like I'm Eleven and I need to save Hawkins from all the Demogorgon and it's the best feeling in the world. Also, the song is just so iconic you can't just not listen to it today.
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That is it for today's article, I hope you enjoyed it! I wish everyone a happy and fun Halloween 👻

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Until next time! xx

This article was written by @DarkBayForDreamers on the We Heart It Writers Team