• Maybe you haven't even met the love of your life, but once you do, they're going to love you so much.
  • Remember the moment you laughed so hard, your stomach actually hurt?
  • Enjoy your favourite food and drink.
  • That feeling when you finally find your dream job.
  • Or the beautiful feeling when you buy your first house.
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  • The smile of a person who causes those butterflies in your stomach.
  • The moment you meet another great people.
  • What could be better than getting married with the love of your life?
  • Traveling.
  • The warmth of the sun.
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  • The smell of your new book.
  • Making love.
  • Watching a great movie.
  • Puppies, kittens and other cute animals.
  • Be strong. Be an inspiration for someone else.
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  • Your favourite band or singer, announcing their new album.
  • Spontaneous adventures.
  • Dancing until your legs hurt.
  • Hugging others and letting them hug you back.
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Read this, everytime you feel down.
Have a great day, loves.

Love, Susan.