Hey guys!

I've spent the better part of the after noon thinking of what goals I want to accomplish in the coming year and why and then I got to thinking of how I'm to accomplish them! One goal is simply to get back into shape, not really to loose a bunch of weight but to just get stronger and more toned and defined physique and to have a physical outlet for stress to help my mind and body through some of what is doubtless to be a tough time for me.

So here is my first workout idea!

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I wish I looked like Candice!

Work out days vs Days of Rest
I'm going to do them as three days on, one day off, or as many days in a row as I can get done before a rest day. Maybe if my schedule becomes more hectic and packed then I can only do just a couple a week, those will have to be really hard and exhausting. Rest days are important for recovery because recovery is where you get gains. Without taking time to let your body heal you put your body and immune system under a lot of stress and you're going to see that you're struggling more, you're not seeing results as you'd like, you're more unhappy and stressed than anything, and frankly it's just damned tiresome!


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All with one set of each exercise (you only do them for one round of the counts)

  • 30 reps arm curls w/ 15 lb weight (each arm)
  • 20 reps overhead extension w/ 10lb weight
  • 30 rep shoulder press w/10lb
  • 30rep bent-over rows w/ 10lb

REST= 1-2 minutes

*45 reverse crunches
*1 min side plank Left
*1 min side planks Right

REST 1 min

  • 2 min plank twists
  • 75 heel taps

REST 1 minute

  • 100 cross back lunges (50 per leg)
  • 50 weighted squats (20lbs for me because it keeps me from losing my balance)
  • Alexis Ren's Inner Thigh Workout (find it on YouTube! It's killer!)

Cheat Days and Cheat Meals!

It's really important that I change my eating habits, they're the reason why I have so much trouble just maintaining a weight. Working out a lot is useless if I eat like an idiot and don't take care of myself! Sometimes I eat right, other times all I eat is bread and ramen. I gross me out at times. So in an effort to not feel like I'm starving myself or depriving myself again, I'm gonna have cheat days and meals!

food, breakfast, and pancakes image Image by Liesel

Cheat meals will be held on days when I workout but it's only the one meal on one day! Cheat day will be a few days after/before cheat meal day, so that I can have a rest day to eat whatever I want and not feel bad! I'm gonna have a doughnut, mac & cheese (I love Daiya!), or a pack of ramen as my cheat meals every 3 days (basically whatever random hits me at whatever meal that day! Hell could even be a vegan candy bar on my lunch break!)
The cheat day would be every 6 or 7 days and be more like eating things in moderation at each meal and not skipping meals (just like how I'm not skipping meals during workout days if I can help it). SO, for example:
Breakfast: pancakes with syrup and peanut butter
snack: pb&j sandwich with extra PB!
Lunch: Something fried! Or noodles!
Dinner: Pizza and beer!

It's more just about teaching myself to eat BALANCED not eat whatever whenever and not care, because I know I do care and I know it upsets me when I eat badly and then I spiral into obsessions over food and body image.

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My Reasons for why I want to lose weight, tone up and get stronger

1- Lingerie is simply a decoration, and I don't want it to ever be for naught! I mean really, it can really only help add some mystery and sexiness JUST SO FAR when you don't feel good about how you look in it! NEVERMIND HOW MY/YOU BF/GF LOOKING AT ME/YOU IN IT FEELS! It's about feeling confident in my skin, because that's damn sexy! (he already thinks I'm sexy as hell no matter I wear, or don't! He likes naked better than lace anyway)

2- I'm tired of my bad posture and back pain! I'm also very afraid of having problems with my spine later in life, so getting a strong core is very important

3- stronger pelvic floor muscles makes sex a LOT BETTER for both sides!

4- i'm tired of feeling bad about how I look

5- I need a stress outlet that actually does something for me

6- Building up healthy and strong habits now will spare me a lot of pain and frustration with myself later in life! Weight lifting in your twenties helps you prevent osteoporosis and helps even out your rampant hormone levels which makes your periods a LOT easier to get through!

7- The way I eat affects my immune system and my overall health! Eat crap feel like crap. Eat good, feel good! I felt better when I was vegan and ate clean and whole meals. I'm sick of having bloat, sick of feeling sluggish, sick of having bad skin and weak hair that won't grow fast enough, sick of being worried about a UTI or yeast infection!!!!!

8- For me! Because I want to, and need to. I an in my late twenties, so the time for me to be able to do what I want and eat what I want is rapidly depleting! Which leads to ….

9- I feel awful when I see women who are 20+ years older than me and have had 1- 6+ kids and they have the body of a 16 year old gymnast-swimmer-ballerina-fitness model, while I a twenty-something who has no kids and no excuses is in terrible shape and hides behind flannels and baggy jeans!

10- So I can make myself into the warrior girl I am inside be the warrior woman I need to on the outside! I won't apologize for having to be who I have to be in order to survive and live in this world. No one should have to ever apologize for that.

11- shorter periods!