Hello readers ! It's me again . This will be the second article I post and that's unusual of me . Soo today again I'm going to tell you guys my favourite musicians today soo buckle your belts ladies and gents.

1. Lil Peep ♥
Man I love this guy ♥ Rest In peace Gus ♥
Fave songs of him :
1. Star shopping
2. falling down
3. benz truck pt.2
4.Haunt U
5.The way I see things or your favourite dress

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2.The Neighbourhood

Ahh can you believe they are coming to my country and my parents don't buy me tickets :( Okay but here are some songz I love
1.Too serious
5.The Beach

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3. Billie Eyelash
Don't know man I love this girl too I remember listening to ocean eyes when it came out and loved her since

1. When the party's over ( my favourite atm)
2. Bored
3. Idontwannabeyouanymore
4.lovely ( I know this one is one of the popular ones but that shit gets me in my feelings )
5. bitches broken hearts

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4. BlackBear and Mansionz
He can't really sing good live but the music is one of the best for my ears hunnies

1. Nobody knows
3. weak when ur around
4. I miss the old you
5. Do re mi ( that's a bop)
6. STFU ( I'll add the 6st because I just can't leave it out there ignored)

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5. Last but not least
Lana del rey. Well I don't think I have any words for her she's just a queen that's it

1. Dark Paradise
2. Ride
4. Beach
5. Queen of Disaster

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