1. drink: WATER
2. phone call: My Cousin (she is my bestie at the same time)
3. text message: My Sister
4. song you listened to: Luciano-Meer (it is german rap)
5. time you cried: last night, series are so sad

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6. dated someone twice: I never had a realtionship
7. kissed someone and regretted it: never had one
8. been cheated on: yes but actually in a friendship
9. lost someone special: yes
10. been depressed: I don´t think I can call it depression
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: nop

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12. Red (but blood red or bordeaux)
13. Blue like the ocean
14. yellow

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15. made new friends: yes
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: yes thanks to my sisters
18. found out someone was talking about you: yes (snakes)
19. met someone who changed you: NO
20. found out who your friends are: DEFINITELY YES
21.kissed someone on your facebook friends list: I do not use facebook

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22. how many of your facebook friends do you know irl: I do not use facebook
23. do you have any pets: I´m allergic to many of them (cats, dogs etc)
24. do you want to change your name: no
25. what did you do for your last birthday: had fun with friends
26. what time did you wake up today: very late 11:30 am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: watching kdramas
28. what is something you can't wait for: to be independent from everyone and stand on my own legs
29. what are you listening to right now: my own breath
30. have you evertalked to a person named tom: yes
31. something that gets on your nerves: 99% of the people
32. most visted website: youtube
33. hair color: dark brown
34. long or short hair: both are beautiful
35. do you have a crush on someone: nop
36. what do you like about yourself: my loyalty and my passion for writing

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37. want any piercings?: no
38. blood type: I asked my mom she has no idea
39. nicknames: mizo, mizi
40. relationship status: i love netflix
41: zodiac: Capricorn
42. pronouns: she/ her
43. fave tv shows: Prison break, Riverdale and I really love turkish and korean series / dramas
44. tattoos: not yet
45. right or left handed: right
46. ever had surgery: nop
47. piercings: one on each earlobe
48. sport: no (hate it)
49. vacation: not this summer
50. trainers: always different but I like puma

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51. eating: Pizza or kurdish food (culture)
52. drinking: water or coke
53. i'm about to watch: accidentally in love
54. waiting for: *Question no 28'
55. want: everyone to be respectful
56. get married: it´s fate
57. career: journalist, law or teacher nobody knows. I really want to be an author too.

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58. hugs or kisses: Hugs
59. lips or eyes: eyes
60. shorter or taller: don´t know
61. older or younger: older (not everytime)
62. nice arms or stomach: stomach
63. hookup or relationship: wth is hookup
64. troublemaker or hesitant: I´m a troublemaker (sorry mummy)

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65. kissed a stranger: never kissed
66. drank hard liquour: no
67. lost glasses: no never had any
68. turned someone down: yes
69. sex on first date: no wtf
70. broken someone's heart: I´m a very direct person I always say my opinion in a hard way so maybe this broke someones heart sorry
71. had your heart broken: yes
72. been arrested: no
73. cried when someone died: yes
74. fallen for a friend: yes but now I would never
75. bindge watched a tv show: nop

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76. yourself: yes but sometimes it´s not possible
77. miracles: yes
78. love at first sight: you can fall in love with the look of someone but not with the heart at the first sight
79. santa claus: no
80. kiss on a first date: depends on the person
81. angels: hm

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82. best friend's name: /
83. eye color: dark brown
84. fav movies: Adrift (I cried sm), the game plan (childhood) and I love all disney movies but Moana and Finding nemo the most
85: fave actor: love shaileen woodley, the rock, zac efron, cole sprose etc

Thank you to @meialle for inspiring me

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