Aria fits in perfectly with Wes and I. I love waking up to her every morning. I'm going to be sad when she grows up. I can feel it already. It was the end of the day so I changed her into pjs. We only have a big bed in the guest bedroom, so she's extra spoiled.

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I wish her moms were alive to see her. She's such a beautiful girl inside and out. I also selfishly wish she were a mermaid so we could swim together.

I gave her a kiss on the head. "You are a beautiful girl, Aria. You deserve the best of the best. Don't you ever forget that," I told her. She smiled at me. Wesley came in and started tickling her. She shrieked and giggled. She has a contagious laugh. I smiled and went to the kitchen. She really likes hot cocoa so it's been a nightly ritual. It helps her sleep better. I'm not sure how, but it works.

I was putting marshmallows on top of the hot cocoa in the mugs when I saw smoke from my peripheral vision. I gasped and turned my head. There was a tiny dragon flying around my kitchen. "Umm.....did you know Aria's a dragon?" Wesley asked, raising an eyebrow. I watched her fly around the kitchen rather slowly.

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"No....No I did not," I said, shocked. Wesley was smiling. "She just got even cuter. Who knew that was possible?" he asked. I loved that he loved her. I wasn't sure how he'd handle the new living situation, but it's been better than I imagined. I held my palm out. Aria landed in my palm and blew smoke out of her nose. Thank gosh there's no fire yet. I looked at her in my palm and blew her a kiss. "You're getting strong, Miss Aria. No fires in our please," I warned.