The silent cry of loneliness is all I hear.
I feel like a ghost.
I don’t feel myself, almost as if I had a costume on.

Invisible is what I feel

It is who I am.

Tears fill my eyes as I walk among the street.
I am given looks of unapologetic glares.
Nobody seems to care.

Longing for somebody to be there,

I hold onto this feeling throughout the night.

I’m the ghost of a girl that I wish to be.

The loneliness is all that stays with me.

-Audra S.

Small backstory: I wrote this poem while I was in a toxic relationship. I felt stuck, and drained in a way that's hard to even explain. As of today, I am happy and proud to say I left.

To anyone who can relate, no matter what you are going through, please please remember to know your worth.