• 1. Watching TV series
elite, serie, and las encinas image cuties, gif, and cole sprouse image
Tv shows can make me release my tension.My favourite tv shows are riverdale,teenwolf,elite, and friends
  • 2. Listening To Music
music, art, and headphones image Temporarily removed
i love listening to music it can make me more happier!
  • 3. Watching Youtube
blonde, funny, and girls image diva, Juan, and divaza image
my favourite youtubers never fail to make me tear up laughing! LOL
  • 4. Swimming
sea, beach, and girl image girl, water, and sea image
swimming is one of my favourite things to do in the whole world.
  • 5. Looking Back At Old Pictures
photography and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
to remember the happy memories with special person in my life !
  • 6. CATS
cat, animal, and white image animals, cat, and kitten image
i love cats!
  • 7. My Friends
friends, girl, and friendship image icon, icons, and kardashians image
yeah bestfriends are important in my life! they are always make me happy when i'm sad.
  • 8.Laughter
love, couple, and black and white image merrell twins image
i love laughing! Laughter is the Best Medicine haha LOL
  • 9. Fangirling
why don't we, jonah marais, and corbyn besson image Image removed
I love why don't we boyband! they are so perfect awww!
  • 10. My favourite foods and drinks
coffee and starbucks image Image removed
I love chocolate so much! chocolate for life LOL

thanks for reading! Faten xx