Hiii! I wanted to try this or that challenge for soo long but i couldn't decide which one to do. So I'm gonna do a few. Here is first part:

1. Coffee or Tea?

book, autumn, and coffee image quotes, coffee, and life image coffee, cup, and tea image coffee, world, and travel image
I drink tea only when I'm sick so, coffee.

2. Black & White or Colour?

love, art, and hands image black, friends, and outfit image Temporarily removed black, pencil, and new black image
Lately, I would choose black & white.

3. Drawings or Paintings?

Temporarily removed frozen, elsa, and drawing image art, eye, and drawing image Image by S3ud Alshaman

4. Skirts or Dresses?

Temporarily removed cinderella, quote, and prince image dress, fashion, and red image dress, girl, and red image

5. Books or Movies?

book, read, and love image Temporarily removed ballet, ballett, and beautiful image books, comic books, and kindle image
Definitely books.

6. Pepsi or Coke?

coca cola, blue, and coca-cola image coca cola, light, and colors image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

7. Chinese or Italian?

food and pasta image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed food, pasta, and delicious image

8. Early Bird or Night Owl?

bird, sun, and sunset image Temporarily removed empowerment, good morning, and Letter image morning image
Early bird and proud :D

9. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Temporarily removed food, ice cream, and yummy image

10. Introvert or Extrovert?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, grunge, and black image quotes, thinker, and talker image
Introvert. Sorry, not sorry.

Thank you for reading!