Since the first part has over 100 hearts I've decided to make a part two.


The first tip I gave you was not to buy an agenda because it's useless unless you are a very organized person. I recently downloaded Evernote so every night I make a "to do list" of stuff I'm planning to do next day. This way I don't forget anything and I realize what stuff I'm avoiding to do for days (I'm lazy af)

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Some of us work better alone, but at least (for me) it's easier to concentrate if I'm studying with someone else. Maybe joining your brother or sister (if you have) or inviting a friend to come over could be a good idea in order to improve your grades. Just remember: the point is to study not to watch Netflix or get drunk.

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I think most schools have libraries with lots of books avaible for students. If your school is one of those who hasn't got a library (like mine) then you should look for a public library near your home or school. I swear it's easier and way funnier to study there, you have a lot of books and you forget about the outside world. Give it a try.

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Ok so personally I've never got along very well with them, I'm what they call a "problematic kid" beacuse I always give my opinion. But, the truth is, it actually helps to be friends with them. Recently I've tried to stop fighting and now most of my teachers let me sleep on their classes because they know I'll still present the work they give us. Also, they may qualify you with higher grades only because they have a positive opinion of you.

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I ALWAYS try to watch videos about the class before (or after) I go, it helps me to understand better the subject (math is my biggest issue tbh because my teacher is SOOO BORING I always fall asleep). These videos actually help you to understand, so you are able to practice the subject you're having trouble with and get better grades on exams.

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