Today I'm writing about something I feel strongly. For me that's everything that has to do with nature. How we don't care about all the plastics in the ocean, the bees that are becoming extinct, and so on.

I'm only sixteen so I've only gained interest in this recently. But I still don't think many adults really care. This pic honestly says it all..

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People don't seem to realise how serious this problem is. We can't keep on pumping up petroleum to make more and more and more plastic. Honestly, almost everything you buy is made from plastic. I get easily irritated by people who drink from plastic bottles. What's wrong with tap water and using a reusable bottle? This honestly helps the ocean so much. Did you know that everyday 12 million kg plastics goes to the ocean? Doesn't it open up your eyes? Apparently not the eyes of many.

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If I could I would also be a vegetarian, but because I gain hardly any weight I don't think it's responsible for my body to stop eating meat. But still I think we should at least it a little bit less, because those food factories are so bad, not only for the animals but also for air polution.

Someone who inspired me for this is Kirstie Brittain, she's such a good person and she has really good articles about nature on her blog and on her instagram page.

I also follow 4ocean and sea legacy on Instagram. I think social media is a great
thing to spread these things, and following a few pages can also be really inspiring.

This is something really serious and deserves way more attention! If we all just start with using less plastic and think a bit more about what we're eating, it will help so much!
Remember : it's never too late, we are the generation that has to do something, to save the earth for the next generations.

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Sorry for my English (;