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❛ Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.❜
― Winston Churchill
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Planning is a mess. A pure chaos of shapeless ideas, of rough sketches, of bits and pieces of events. But planning is needed.
You've learnt how to get inspired, how to create a character, how to describe people and the environment around them. The only think that you need before starting your first draft is a plan!

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When it comes to planning, there's two types of people:

  • the plotter
  • the watchers

Potters want to know everything before starting their writing process. They are architects. They outline each and every tiny, little, insignificant thing. This type of person might be too rigid and, from time to time, inflexible.
If you are a plotter, I will provide you with a basic layout of the chapters of a book.
Watchers, on the other hand, go with the flow. They sit back, they let their mind run wild as they write the story. They are creative and bright and full of ideas. The problem that they might encounter is the messiness of their first draft. If you are a watcher, I will give you some tips on story planning too.

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Planning is fun. Seldom, it might stop your ideas and it might make you write less than you would like.
I suggest dividing your story in

  • twenty-seven chapters,
  • nine blocks
  • three acts

Each block should be divided in three chapters and each act in three blocks.
This is a fairly common way that planners use to outline perfectly their story.

pro tip! ☾ use excel or scriviner to add more informations to each chapter.

While outlining won't make you ramble too much, it might also make your story feel too boxy and not organic. Because of this, you should always remember that it's perfectly fine if you do not follow the spread you made religiously!

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Letting your imagination run wild, letting it walk in a forest, exploring and gazing with eyes wide open, is a beautiful yet dangerous thing.
There's something so pretty about raw ideas, about the process of writing.
When you write everything you think about, you might end up with a first draft of many many words, useless descriptions, repetitive situations, pointless anecdotes that you'll have to cut out in the second draft.
Don't be afraid to delate what you've written!

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I'm sorry. This article isn't perfect or full helpful and I know that. It's just that... planning is hard. everyone plans in a slightly different way and that way constantly changes. I tried to set some bases that you could use for your first time writing a novel or a novella so that you can build on top of them and create your own planning method.

Personally, i do kind of both. I always have a rough outline of how I want things to go. I have small scenes in my mind that I absolutely want to write and sometimes I perfectly know how I want the story to end or where I want to twist things up!

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