Hello, you lovely people!

So, today I got inspired by:

and now, without further ado, let's get to it. Enjoy!


house, home, and architecture image house, home, and garden image Image removed house, nature, and autumn image
I really want to live in a modern, but rustic and cozy little house in one of the rural areas of Ireland someday. I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford this, but its one of my biggest dreams of mine as of now.


Temporarily removed home image house, staircase, and entry hall image door, entry, and hall image
I'd really love to make the whole enterior a beautiful mixture between rustic wooden and modern elements. So the walls would be a bright and friendly white and there would be lots of furniture made of wood.


cozy, design, and gray image farmhouse, living room, and rustic image black, cactus, and candle image home, interior, and design image
Just as in the entry hall, I'd like to make a mixture between wooden and modern elements. It should be cozy and show a piece of Ireland's history, but be classy and clean.


kitchen, home, and interior image home, decoration, and house image cosy, Dream, and dream home image home image
I really would love to have a white, clean kitchen with a few elements of wood and bricks, too. That would be really awesome.


Image removed home, inspiration, and interior image interior, home, and white image decor, decoration, and dining room image
I think that I'll no longer have to discribe the theme of this room to you, since I have the same decor and furniture style throughout the old house.

Master Bedroom

Temporarily removed apartment, bed, and bedroom image bed, bedroom, and interior image room, bed, and bedroom image
There's really no more to say, but I think that this room would be so cozy to sleep in.


bathroom, home, and white image bathroom, decor, and home image Temporarily removed beauty, bathroom, and skincare image
Well, I would love to take a bath or shower in there. And my morning and evening routine would be so much more fun.


study, school, and white image decorating, design, and home decor image Temporarily removed white, home, and interior image
I would lie if I'd say that studying would be much more fun in an office like this, but I'm sure that it's very beautifully and cozy decorated.

So, that's it for today. I really hope you liked it and wish that you'll have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you.
- Rana