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I love doing these 'tags' or 'challenges' so I probably will do a lot of them on my here, get ready for that. So, with that being said, today I will be doing a Disney Tag. It is a collection of a few I found online so I could have a lot of things to add in it. I just want to add first that nearly everything is owned by Disney,( Disney owns ESPN?) and personally I prefer more Pixar movies, so there will be a lot of Disney-esque variety. Anyways, here we go, the Mega Disney Tag!

Favorite Movie(s)

disney, ariel, and wallpaper image
The Little Mermaid
disney, finding nemo, and pixar image
Finding Nemo
dory, disney, and finding dory image
Finding Dory
disney, princess, and princesse image
Image by Karo
toy story, toys, and disney image
Toy Story (1,2,&3)

Favorite Heroine(s)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Favorite Heroe(s)

disney, hercules, and wallpaper image
big hero 6, hiro hamada, and futuristic four image

Favorite Princess(es)

disney, ariel, and princess image
disney, princess, and moana image
art, disney, and princess image

Favorite Pixar Movie(s)

disney, ratatouille, and gusteaus image
Image by Miracle Rivera
The Incredibles (1 & 2)

Favorite Villain(s)

disney, art, and cruella de vil image
Cruella de vil
aladdin, art, and creativity image
Temporarily removed
The Shadow Man

Favorite Song(s)

frozen, anna, and disney image
For the First Time in Forever- Frozen
animation, disney, and film image
I just can't wait to be King- Lion King
classic, Collage, and disney image
I'll Make a man out of you- Mulan
disney, easel, and Lyrics image
Can you feel the love tonight- Lion King
stitch, lilo, and cartoon image
Hawaiian Roller coaster ride- lilo and stitch

Favorite Castle(s)

Image by celeste

Favorite Couple(s)

Temporarily removed
Anna and Kristoff
hercules, disney, and megara image
Hercules and Megara

Favorite Sidekick(s)

Image by Umi
disney, pixar, and The Incredibles image
Edna Marie (she counts okay.)
Image removed
disney, big hero 6, and baymax image

Saddest Moment(s)

big hero 6, baymax, and disney image
Tadashi's death

Best Soundtrack(s)

ariel, disney princess, and disney world image
The Little Mermaid

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