I heard you like her. She is nice. You deserve someone like her. But I want to let you know. That it did mean something to me. The kiss and all the times I laid in your arms. Yeah, it meant something to me. Maybe not to you, but I was really into you. I thought..... You know what I thought. And I know you thought the same. I hope you did. Goddamn I wanted you so bad. But it didn't work out and I thought we had still time, but you already moved on. I don't blame you, well maybe I do. Maybe it is time to be honest. I do blame you, why are you treating me like this again? Giving me hope and than just move on. You knew I was into you, but you didn't care about my feelings, did you? But I can't control your feelings so I am moving on, again. I will accept it and move on but I can't because you are still nice to me. And I know, I know for sure I am going to be nice to you too. I will laugh at your jokes. I will let you drive me home. But why? Why am I always so nice to you? I know you don't want me. I know we won't ever be together, but still, still I am hoping. But I have to move on. So please, please don't be so nice to me. Don't drive me home. Don't kiss me, don't hug me just don't. Because I need to move on, I really do and I can't move on if you are nice to me. I can't move on if you giving me hope. So please call that girl you like and tell her. Tell her what you feel for her. And become everything we never were. She deserves that, you deserve that.

I would choose her also over me if I was you.