hey there. my name is smruti. i love sweetener so much and thought, what if i made a 'zodiac signs as songs from sweetener' article?

aries- God is a woman

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aries are known for being bold and strong. they are independent and have a strong sense of self. aries know their worth is infinite. they are fierce and confident like God is a Woman.

taurus- sweetener

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a taurus often makes those who around them feel happy, bringing the bitter taste to a halt. this sign is stubborn and kind, saying the right thing at the right time. they're the sweeteners of the world.

gemini- breathin

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geminis are labeled two-sided or crazy sometimes and this isn't true at all. in fact, this sign is so in control of their emotions and they know how to move on. they just keep breathin and living life how they want.

cancer- raindrops (an angel cried)

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cancers are the most complex yet simple of the signs. they are individualists who love unconditionally. no one can get enough of raindrops and no one can get enough of a cancer. this is the most complex yet simple songs on the album. it's so relatable and powerful much like a cancer.

leo- get well soon

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leos always care about others and will protect those who they love with their lives. get well soon is a song about the care of others and yourself. it's is a song about so much like a leo and it's truly beautiful.

virgo- everytime

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virgos tend to undercut themselves. they have so much to brag about, but they're always so modest. everytime is a song about trying to repel from something you have the strongest connection to and virgos tend to do that to everything.

libra- goodnight 'n go

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libras have a unique charm to them that no one can seem to get figured out. they are alwasy 100% original and beautiful like goodnight 'n go.

scorpio- pete davidson

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scorpios have a passion that no other sign can match. despite being a short song, pete davidson has a charm to it, bringing a wave of passion like a scorpio brings.

sagittarius- better off

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a sagittarius loves freedom. they love being a wild one, making their own rules, living their own life. better off is about being free and not dependent on others.

capricorn- successful

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capricorns are so responsible and have so much ambition. they always set a goal and work so hard to accomplish and when they've climbed the mountain, they love the view which is the message successful sends.

aquarius- no tears left to cry

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an aquarius doesn't like showing their emotions too much. they tend to have that face that looks calm 24/7, but they cry tears and they hurt just as much as everyone else. they are strong and they get over things, coming back stronger just like no tears left to cry.

pisces- R.E.M

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pisces are dreamers which is literally what R.E.M is all about. "you're such a dream to me" is made for a pisces to relate to. they fantasize about love and they're much more edgy than people think.

smruti ❤︎