Hero Louise Hollisteir
Half-Blood | Sixth Year

  • Seeker, Slytherin Quidditch Team
  • Member, Dueling Club
  • Prefect, Slytherin


hair, acacia brinley, and acacia image fashion, skirt, and outfit image girly, green, and harry potter image makeup, eyes, and beauty image cosplay, costume, and harry potter image Image removed
short, brunette hair; usually wears light, cute clothing; green eyes


harry potter and halfblood image gryffindor, harry potter, and hufflepuff image
half-blood status; father is pureblooded and of the gryffindor house, mother is muggle-born and of the hufflepuff house; also has two younger sisters โ€” comes from the hollisteir family on her father's side, who were pureblooded, wizard-muggle relationship ambassadors to the french monarchy before being run out during the french revolution and seeking refuge in the english countryside


โ€œYou could be great, you know, it's all here in your head, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.โ€
โ€” The Sorting Hat
slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image slytherin, harry potter, and green image hogwarts, slytherin, and wand image black, book, and deathly hallows image
slytherin; a hear hatstall, the sorting hat teetered between hufflepuff and slytherin for a good few minutes before being convinced by hero to put her in slytherin


harry potter, quidditch, and harry image harry potter, smile, and expelliarmus image hippogriff image castle, dumbledore, and gif image
flying and playing quidditch (position: seeker), dueling, hippogriff riding, exploring hogwarts castle


โ€œAspen wand owners are generally strong-minded and determined, more likely than most to be attracted by quests and new orders; this is a wand for revolutionaries.โ€
โ€” Mr. Garrick Ollivander
bird, fenix, and pheonix* image light and sparkler image book, magic, and fantasy image autumn, fall, and trees image
aspen wood with a phoenix feather core, 13" with a slightly springy flexibility


barn owl image sticker, wax seal, and top secret image decoracion image Temporarily removed
a male western barn owl, hermes


book, cover, and creature image Temporarily removed harry potter, expecto patronum, and book image bird, hawk, and animal image
northern goshawk; observant, forethinking, motivated, creative, astute, gallant, vigilant

Amortentia Scent

delicious, dessert, and food porn image chocolate, dessert, and marshmallow image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
warm caramel; toasted marshmallow; campfire ash; salty ocean breezes

Favorite Classes

harry potter image harry potter, chocolate, and remus lupin image harry potter and hippogriff image gif, harry potter, and care of magical creatures image
defense against the dark arts and care of magical creatures

Favorite Spells

charm, harry potter, and spell image harry potter, spell, and charm image harry potter, spell, and incendio image harry potter, spell, and expelliarmus image
accio, aguamenti, incendio, and expelliarmus

Yule Ball Outfit

dress, flowers, and beauty image beauty, girls, and heels image makeup, beauty, and pink image hair, hairstyle, and short hair image
pink and floral with hints of green and gold!
Hero Hollisteir is a sixth year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She comes from a historic line of pureblood wizards from her father's side, but since her mother is muggle-born, Hero and her sisters are considered half-bloods. She is the oldest of her two sisters, one being a first year Hufflepuff and the other being a fourth year Gryffindor. Her mother and father were a Hufflepuff and Gryffindor as well, respectively. The family lives in a large farmhouse in southwestern England.
Hero tends to be quite overbearing with her enthusiastic desire to become the jack of all trades. Her intelligence is evenly matched with her sense of adventure, making it so she often struggles to balance her time between school work and various escapades, which usually involve bending school rules. Luckily, Hero is skilled and diligent at forming plans so that the chances of her and her accomplices being caught become unlikely to rare, but is able to limit herself when deemed necessary in order to keep her record clean enough to be chosen as a prefect. Hero is notably affable, empathetic, and cheerful, qualities that are rare for Slytherins. She attempts to keep an open mind towards the opinions of others before making a decision but values her conscience above all else. Stubbornness is another key quality in Hero and she has a hard time breaking away from previously set goals, even if they prove to be very unrealistic.
One of her favorite hobbies includes flying, which she expresses by playing on the Slytherin Quidditch Team as a seeker as well as riding her hippogriff companion, Boreas. Hero is very skilled at dueling, which leads her to re-found the dueling club with a group of friends. She has a knack for charms but is often bored by the ones she finds less exciting or useful. Hero holds an interest in transfiguration and aims to become an animagus once she finds the time. Hero aspires to be a magiczoologist once she graduates Hogwarts.

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