maybe you're like me and never know what to do & end up doing nothing for halloween eventhough you were really hyped for it.

- here are a few ideas -

1.. with friends :

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  • do a costume contest.

come all dressed up as the funniest / creepiest / ... thing and make a contest abt who got the better idea.

  • horror movie marathon.

nothing's better than a horror movie for halloween. i'll recommand to pick funny horro movies so you can comment it and laugh abt it with your friends

  • go trick or treat.

that's basic, ik, but that's fun so...

  • scary cooking contest.

you can make a contest with team having to cook the scariest / halloween vibes / tastiest meal ^^

  • scary stories telling

sharing scary tales with no light in the room is scary and super fun to do if you're brave enough

  • go to a haunted house / labyrinth

if you have it near where you live, there are haunted houses to visit & labyrinths to do at night

  • do a photoshot

that can be fun with costumes and super pretty

2.. alone :

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  • horror movie marathon

that's basic but if you pick good movies, you can have quite fun alone

  • horror threads / conspiracies

spend the night reading scary threads & conspiracies, scary videos on YouTube and enjoy not sleeping for a week!

  • play video games

play things like 5 nights at freddy's and shit in your pants the whole night lmao

  • cook

i saw so many recipes to cook spooky cakes that seem delicious & fun to do, with a good playlist it must be fun

  • read a good book
  • go take a walk

if your brave enough, go take a walk in a forest or a scary place and get the chills

3 .. with your family :

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  • go trick or treat

that's also very fun to do with your siblings / cousins / ...

  • have a theme dinner

make diy and decorate the table to have a fun dinner with your family

  • watch a classic horror movie

old horror movies are a little cringey but gold!

  • make a noctural visit

i think some castles & museums are open on halloween and decorated, that can be fun too

well that's the end of the article, hope you liked it :)
take care, love you <3

also, thanks for the 100 followers, ily

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me when i think of all of you so cute uwu

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