So hi,

I feel as if these articles are not a thing anymore but that's ok, I'm not writing them for a sole purpose of them being popular anyway. I'm writing this for the people that are having 'that' kind of a day and by 'that' I mean either a bad day or just an off day where you can't even explain how you are feeling.
What you have to know is that I'm writing this on a good day. It's important to know that there ARE good days, which we often forget while we're dealing with something. Trust me, there have been days where I felt SO empty I thought it would always be like this, days where I didn't leave my bed wondering if I'm even living or just existing and waiting for time to pass, days where I shut down praying to God to dissapear, vanish into thin air, days where I was so fucking angry this was happening AGAIN. It was like I was making one step forward and twenty steps back. And I didn't talk on those days, to anyone, I mean why bother? I couldn't even explain what I was feeling let alone why. I mean there weren't a single piece of advice that could make me feel better. Only thing that could help is to WRITE. So I wholeheartedly advise you to Write. That. Shit. Down. Write, draw, paint, whatever you need to let out your emotions. What you shouldn't do is pile those emotions inside your head, because you'll eventually break. If you're like me and you're ashamed or too anxious to search for proffesional help (I know not 100% healthy but hey I'm working on myself), think of writing like an outlet for your emotions, thoughts, everything that goes around in your head - write that down, LET IT OUT and I promise you, you'll feel better, not right away, but you will eventually. There are two things I want you to remember from this:

1. It's OKAY to feel what you're feeling, don't EVER and I mean EVER let anyone tear you down for what you're feeling
2. Know that even the worst of days end, it's 24 hours that will pass and tomorrow WILL come
There's are far too many things, places, people worth falling in love with you don't even know about yet. So PLEASE live, don't let go, fight through those bad days because I promise you there will be a day where the sun will shine just right and you will be okay.
I don't care if many people will see this, or like this, this was never about that for me. I'm putting this out there for you, you who are reading this while having a bad day, reminding you you're a fucking badass who survived another day no matter how big your struggles are.

Excuse the swears.

With love, Marija