i know how rushed mornings can be for school. so i want to help out with some tips and tricks on getting a flawless face in no time. of course, you do not have to do all these steps. these are just some that i came to master in under 10 minutes!

note: make sure to know your skin type (oily, dry, combination, normal) when picking out your makeup. this will help to avoid any mistakes and products not working right for you.

primer 1️⃣

no matter what you end up doing on your face, you want to make sure to start with some primer. this will do exactly what it’s named. it will prime your face and close your pores so you get a smoother flawless look.

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these primers range in price. however, they all do the same thing. it all depends on how much you would like to spend on one.

concealer (optional) 🔍

this helps cover up any dark circles and conceals any imperfection as well.

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the shade of this concealer depends on what you would like to do. if you want to make your under eyes brighter (highlight) you go for a lighter shade of concealer. if you would simply like to hide dark circles && imperfections. you use a shade that’s as close to your skin as possible. this ranges from full to light coverage.

foundation 💆🏽‍♀️

which is pretty much a layer of skin on top of your own skin. this will help blur imperfections (pimples, scars, etc) that you would like to hide. and will also even out skin tone.

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foundations can be liquid, powdered and stick. they also come different for different skin types, with hydrating and matte foundation are the most popular. it is important you know your skin type and find the right color so it fits best for you. they also come with different coverage. you can have a full coverage or light. it is all your preference.

powder 💨

this is an important step to your routine. powder will basically set your foundation and make sure it stay put all day long.

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powders come in color, translucent && banana powder (for my darker queens). they also come in compact && in loose powder. which ever you choose you can always take it on the go && powder up when you feel shiny to sort of matte out once again.


you can always stop your routine there and simply apply setting spray, add some lip balm/gloss && go on with the day. however, here are some other things you can do to spice up the look.

bronzer ☀️

this helps to darken you up && literally give you a sun kissed look. you do have to be careful with these because a little does go a long way. i simply dust some onto my cheeks && a little on my forehead to add some dimension to my face but the application is entirely up to your preferences

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&& // or

blush 💕

this will give you a rosy tint && make you look more cheerful. these range in color as well you can go from super pink to super red. i prefer softer pink tones && add just enough to the apples of my cheeks

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lipstick 💄

this one is a pretty basic one that almost everyone knows about. lipsticks add a pop
of color to your look. they come in any color you can think of && range from sticks to liquid.

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highlighter ✨

my personal favorite. highlight does pretty much what it says. it highlights those high points of your face like the bridge of your nose, brow bones and cheeks to name some. it a glittery effect that looks gorgeous under direct sunlight!

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i try to match m highlight with what i do on my cheeks. so if i go for a bronzed look, i do a more golden highlight. if i do blush (rarely) i try to go for a more pinky highlighter. i feel like for me it doesn’t clash with the colors on my face.

eyeshadow // eye liner 👀

this is a step i have yet to master. eyeshadow comes in all shades you can imagine && also in different forms. wether it is cream or compact, it is a super fun way to express yourself.

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make sure to always blend you eyeshadow so you don’t have such harsh lines. it’s all about having fun.

these are just some of the many different makeup ideas that have come out. you can always try little by little && add more to your routine as you master every technique

for beginners, && also those looking to improve your skills, you tube is of great help. i love watching carli bybel, she is my absolute favorite

make up is an art && a form of self expression. it doesn’t cover your natural beauty but enhances it. you should have fun discovering the different parts to it!

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