𝙄'𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙙

And well, what I feared most during my life finally came to me, it was so natural, so real the fear that I felt I did not know how to hold on to the side of life, but no matter how hard my body tried it It was a useless vessel. My soul would have to be prepared for the unknown. But do you know? It was not as bad, as painful and strange as I thought. It was agonizing to feel how the air was missing in my lungs and how the sight became dark and blurred; but after that the fullness that I came to feel is practically indescribable.

Tranquility, peace, harmony, were the feelings that I can associate with the sensation when leaving my little shell, that shell that will be eaten away by worms, moisture, like my name and my actions will be lost over time. None of that worries me

My love, now that you are alone and surely with a beautiful life waiting, do not cry me please, live and smile, do not be bitter for the natural cycle of life, I will be taking care of you until the day we meet again . Do not bring flowers to my grave either, although I was never a lover of flowers until I met you, it is time for a good woman to receive them; Do not feel bad about meeting someone else, believe me it will make me even happier to see you enjoying every day and every night. Please get rid of my clothes, my perfumes, my photos, my most precious objects because I do not want to be a ghost for you wherever you go, I want to live in your mind in the best way, like in a movie made of our most beautiful memories, someday we will be together for all eternity as we promised, but I hope that day is still far, I was young but I do not want that to happen to you, I want to see from here how you fulfill all your dreams and grow old healthy. I love you

I am not afraid, I did not suffer and in theory I did not die. My body went out but my soul will continue to be as happy and lively as ever, eternally.

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