she always had those bloodied lips
raw knuckles hanging by her side
she always had her face within
the darkness where she’d hide

and sometimes i would wonder if
she’d get tired of putting up a fight
if she’d listen to herself and say
“all this isn’t what’s alright”

i wanted her to lift her face
give light a little chance
but she never did, she never did
wish to spare a glance

and then i realized early enough
that sometimes darkness wins
that i could not control every fight
that happened deep within

so she still has those bloodied lips
and raw knuckles by her side
she still has her face within
the darkness where she hides

but i’ll be right here when it ends
when she wants to see the light
i’ll be right here when she says
“i’m truly not alright”

~ e.h.

a reminder that it's okay not to be alright.
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