「Name」: Jung Lilah

「Nationality」: Canadian/Korean

「Age」: 18

「Birthday」: October 17 2000

「Zodiac Sign」: Libra

「Height」: 5'2


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed blunt, bob, and brown image Temporarily removed
✿ Skinny, short straight dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and plump lips ✿


quotes, wallpaper, and background image anime, bunny, and cry baby image fuck, like, and heart image quotes, wallpaper, and pink image
✿ Sweet and caring ✿ Emotional af ✿ Moody ✿ Cries a lot or Laughs a lot ✿ Crackhead TM ✿


Image removed Image by kivircik...☾


fashion, outfits, and casual image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion image clothes, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
✿ Jeans and Ripped Jeans ✿ Big Sweatshirts ✿ Random T-Shirts ✿ Black and White sneakers ✿ Tumblr Classic ✿

✿ Listening to music
✿ Social Media
✿ Phone addict
✿ Take pictures
✿ Baking

✿ Music
✿ Animals
✿ Procrastinating
✿ Cheesecake
✿ Green Tea

✿ Fake people
✿ Tight shoes
✿ Judgy people

「Where she lives」

✿ Cheongdam-dong, South Korea ✿


dance, sister, and kids image Image removed
✿ Two little sisters [Leah (9 years old) and Lacy (5 years old) ] ✿


gfriend, eunha, and kpop image ulzzang, girl, and korean image ulzzang image night, ulzzang, and friends image couple, girl, and Relationship image Image removed
✿ Somin ✿ Chaeyoung ✿ Soojin ✿ Mark


aesthetic, asian boy, and asian girl image couple, asian, and korea image
✿ Hwang Hyunjin (Stray Kids)


girl, turtle, and animal image
✿ She has a turtle called Ripple ✿