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  • sunrise watching
  • trying their best
  • echoing laughter
  • enjoying hot summers
  • wear oversized knitted sweaters
  • gorgeous long hair
  • sometimes insecure
  • stands up for their friends
  • animal lovers
  • smells of bonfire
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  • messy gorgeous hair
  • picking up flowers
  • tend to overthink
  • keep a bullet journal with their goals
  • hard working
  • smell of daisies
  • smiles a lot
  • funny movies
  • loves hearing jokes
  • cute freckles
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  • likes thunderstorms
  • witty comebacks
  • tend to be anxiety filled
  • wants to travel the world
  • loves different cultures
  • ironic sense of humor
  • high grades
  • old movies and rainy days
  • long winters
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  • tea addicted
  • set goals to themselves
  • perfect eyebrows
  • needs to be alone now and then
  • has a way with words
  • dark tones
  • smells of mint
  • binge watching tv shows
  • has important morals and values
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