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I learned a lot from him and suddenly realized that very soon he would die, and with him all this knowledge and experience would disappear, because he never wrote anything down.

I do not understand what motivates women with the syndrome of the old maiden: whether the desire to love and be loved, or the desire to become finally secured materially.

It's not you who lost your footing, princess. You will never lose it. You are standing on the ground with both feet, firmly, like old eucalyptus.

This world is terrible.

In my opinion, with women, nothing comes out of me for one reason: I say what I think.

Everything ever ends.

Women choose, not men. A man can only dutifully wait with a hat in his hand until the woman makes a decision. And if she decided to give him a kick, so much the worse for him.

In desperation, a man is capable of anything ...

Ignorance is a trap, from where lies the path to erroneous decisions.
One will inevitably become a cynic if nothing comes out of you, and not from time to time, but always.

You can not replace everything that is broken.

To rant about love is much easier than to love.

From talking we have some trouble. If we could read minds, we would not have to lie and hypocrite. We would be real.

Element can not belong to one man.

In the history of each house there are sad and scary pages ...