I did the honors of murdering Leighton. Amber had some fun and slaughtered all of their cats. We made sure to leave the rooms extra bloody. Mabel went out to get groceries with Aria. When she returns, she won't be too happy. Raising a child on her own and losing her first loves will leave with her with a pain that cannot be cured. And that makes me happy.

I looked around the room. Blood smeared on the walls. The limbs torn from each of the animals. Leighton's body lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the living room. Very close to the way her father looked after we killed him. "We did good," Amber smirked. "We did," I smiled. Amber didn't replace Jasmine, but I was close to liking her as much as I liked Jasmine. "Time to treat ourselves to some drinks," she said. "Let's go. She's already on her way back," I told her. Hayden poofed us to our mansion.

"Make yourself useful and put some music on," I said to Derek. Like everyone does, he obliged. Amber opened a bottle of whiskey and we got to dancing and partying.

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